About Us

Andy Funaro has been working as a certified technical rock climbing guide for the past 15 years in various areas across California, New Mexico, Wyoming, and South Dakota. He has over two decades of personal climbing experience. Andy is also experienced in wilderness medical care with 20 years of first aid and CPR training, as well as six years of Wilderness First Responder certifications. His expertise in technical rock climbing and wilderness medical care makes him a valuable asset to any climbing expedition or outdoor adventure.

Guiding is a multi-dimensional process that involves both technical knowledge and psychological support. At New Mexico Climbing Guides, we cater to people from all walks of life and have witnessed the transformational power of the bond between guide and student. Our goal is to help individuals overcome their mental barriers by teaching them with patience and compassion. We understand that everyone has a unique perspective, and we adapt our teaching style to meet the needs of each student. With our andragogy approach, we create an environment that fosters growth and success in the guiding practice. Our aim is not only to prepare future guides for the outdoor rock climbing industry but also to help them thrive in it.

New Mexico Climbing Guides offers nationally recognized climbing guide certifications through the Professional Climbing Guides Institute in the Carson National Forest. Our educational process and past have been influenced by a variety of professional and experienced climbing guide masters. We believe that continuing this heritage in a unique way can help us teach our methodology in a natural way that passes on valuable lessons learned to work as an outdoor climbing guide. By being comfortable with the technical industry standard climbing and safety systems, we can provide clear and seamless connections with every student they engage with. We strongly believe that we can elevate future guides to achieve a greater awareness of this industry standard and enhance their personal climbing skills.